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#100Words story competition

Fancy a fun challenge?

Our international, micro fiction competition is designed to allow your creativity to sparkle. It’s free to take part and your challenge is to write a fabulous, 100-word story inspired by the photograph below.

Writing your #100Words story

We’re looking for original stories so do take some time to brew over your idea and let fresh inspiration come into your mind. Why not pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit down with a notebook and see what ideas flow onto the page?

Often the best idea isn’t the first one but occasionally it is! 

Your story should be as close to 100 words as possible. (We do allow a little flexibility allowing stories down to 90 words but not over 100).

Once you’ve picked your idea, written your story and polished it, don’t forget to give it a memorable title then enter it into the competition using the button below.

The deadline is 28th June 2020. Entry is free.



The shortlist will be judged anonymously by Amanda Saint who is the author of As If I Were A River, Remember Tomorrow as well as numerous flash fiction stories. Amanda founded and runs Retreat West, providing writing competitions, courses and retreats. Retreat West Books indie press, which publishes short fiction, novels and memoirs, won the 2020 Saboteur Award for Most Innovative Publisher.

Amanda says that, “With such a small word count to play with, it can be hard to get that sense of a story arc in there but that’s what I’m looking for. There should be a sense of change, even if it’s very subtle, by the end so that it has the feel of a complete story. Strong narrative voice, a title that works really hard, and playing with language are also ways to make your stories stand out.”

Do check out the eight tips Amanda shares for writing memorable micro fiction here.


1st Prize: £100

2nd Prize: Retreat West Bronze Flash Fiction Membership (worth £50)

3rd Prize: Writing book bundle (worth approx. £28)*

The winning stories will also be published here on Lightbox Originals. 

* Includes Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Reading like a Writer by Francine Prose.



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