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Is writing your dream?

If you write, you are a writer, whether you’re published or not, whether you’re new to writing or have been doing it all your life, whether you’re serious about it, are doing it for pleasure or simply to express your feelings. Any form of writing makes you a writer.

Writing is not just a craft. It’s a way of living. 

How wonderful it feels when words pour out, when pages glow with your creations. Those days are like spring. A barren landscape blossoms and become beautiful because of you.

Then there are the other days, when winter sweeps in.

Have you ever…

Challenging days are natural. Having difficulties doesn’t mean you can’t write. You can. Facing problems doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be a writer. You are. 

Whether it’s spring or winter in your writing world right now, whether you have a lot of time or just a little, you can write today, the words will come. 

You don’t need to quit your job or check out of life to make your writing dreams come true. You can live a writer’s life every day no matter how busy you are. 

Just start with a simple goal: To write 100 words toward your dream today.

But how will such a small number of words help you get to where you want to go?

We’ll show you how…

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Start your 100 words today and make your writing dreams come true!


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