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I woke up at midnight with an idea. I’d been having a challenge with a piece of writing and, of all the hours that my imagination could have chosen to deliver the solution, it picked a moment when I was asleep. I lay there, promising myself I’d see to it in the morning but couldn’t go back to sleep because my brain, rightly, doesn’t trust me. Too many times, I’ve woken the next day to find a wonderful idea has flown away and cannot be recalled.

So, bleary-eyed, I sat up, scribbled down the idea in the notebook I keep at my bedside and returned to my dreams. What a joy it was waking this morning, knowing my idea had been snoozing safely beside me, waiting to be welcomed into my writing.

The thing about being a writer is that the writing doesn’t just happen on the page.

Writing happens in our minds when we’re out for a walk, washing the dishes or sat in a meeting. It can be found in the trees, in the sky, in all of our surroundings. It pops up during life’s highs and even in the cracks.

Inspiration can feel like magic. Sometimes it comes as a spark, seemly from nowhere, willing to be captured. Inspiration can be nurtured too. Fill your mind with ideas by reading things you might not normally, listening to podcasts about topics you know little about, go on virtual tours of art galleries, museums and anything else you can find.

Inspiration is everywhere. 

Allow time in your day, away from phones, computers and other distractions, to give your mind space to imagine. Steal a moment for the writer in you whenever you can. Ten minutes here and there will do. Then, when it’s time to write, your mind (or your notebook) may have a surprise for you, something that will call you to the page. 

Inspiration can be contagious. By hanging out with other writers, sharing stories and insights into the world, we can fire up each other to write. 

In the spirit of this, we’re running a summer writing experience starting on 1st July. The challenge is to write 100 words a day (or more if you like) for 100 days while we fill you up with writing tips, prompts, ideas and more.

It’s free to join us and I’ll be coming on the journey too.

About Loretta Milan

Founder and Commissioning Editor of Lightbox Originals. On a mission to get the world writing and finding wellbeing through words. Loves books, tea, travel and art.


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