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Mindset is everything

I want to start by telling you the most important thing that you need to hear from me today. 

You are a writer!

I’ve said it. You’ve read it and now we’re both on the same page.

Mindset is everything. If you believe you can then you will. I want to tell you that, even if you are filled with inkless words, it isn’t the ink that makes a person a writer. What makes you a writer is your ability to connect with others. The ink simply helps you to build endless bridges of solidarity, familiarity and relatability between people.

But, if you’re a writer already, you may be asking why you aren’t as successful as you want to be? What’s the difference between a writer and a successful writer? Is it money? Free time? Knowing the right people? Well, I have excellent news for you. It’s none of those things. The difference is only your mindset. And, luckily for you, the mind is extremely adaptable.

Somewhere, there is someone waiting to read what you write, someone needing to hear what you have to say. However difficult it may seem now; the result is worthwhile. 

Today is your day

You only have to start and that is the beginning of your success. 

That’s where mindset come in. Your mindset is basically your attitudes, your opinions, your views and your inclinations. And where does it come from?

It develops through your life experiences, your social and communal interactions and your upbringing. Whatever your mindset is right now is not important. What’s important is making the decision right here, right now to develop the right mindset to support your success.

For that, you need a growth mindset. 

So, let’s start. 

Create a set of rules that suit your lifestyle

This is very important because, if your rules don’t suit your lifestyle, you are making it harder and elongating the time it takes your mind to accept change as a positive, pleasing process. 

You need to write

By writing, you are teaching your mind to contradict any negative thoughts and fears. You are also giving yourself the freedom to express yourself and engage with your words and ideas. You are developing new skills, practices and routines essential for any writer and you are discovering your voice. 

You don’t have to write a novel, just a word, a sentence, a paragraph. Little and often. Start small and allow your creativity to blossom, explore and refine itself. 

Be willing to try new things

Don’t box yourself in to a specific style of writing. 

Be adventurous. The better you know yourself, the better your words will translate into exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. 

Be willing to make mistakes

Perfectionism is a hindrance. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to write from your heart without letting your brain correct every minuscule error along the way. Don’t let lack of training, knowledge or patience stop you from putting pen to paper and creating a masterpiece. 

Be open to feedback

Feedback can come in many forms and, unfortunately, some of those forms can be negative. That’s okay. As a writer, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone will like your style. Not everyone will agree with your point of view. That really is okay. You can grow as a writer from understanding yourself and understanding your audience. There is always an opportunity for growth and development when you receive criticism and immediately move forward with it. 

Having a growth mindset, resilience and active determination will lead you to success. 

Language is forever evolving but there is space right here, right now for you to be a part of something that’s ever-changing and yet somehow permanent. A space to be heard, a space to have a voice, a space to exist outside of ourselves. 

Don’t ‘fake it till you make it’, that’s terrible advice. Live it, breathe it, be it! 

I believe in you. It’s time for you to believe in you too. 

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About Michelle Pettifer

Michelle Pettifer is a word enthusiast with a soft spot for blogs and language. She’s always known she’s a writer because words course through her veins.

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