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Show an author some love

Authors need love.

Hours and hours are poured into writing. Heart, soul, mind, sweat and tears go into bringing books to the shelves. The reward? Knowing the story that’s lived inside is now here, in print, sitting with pride on a real or digital shelf, ready for the world to read.

Except it can be challenging for an author to get a book noticed, unless backed by a decent marketing budget, no matter how special it is.

If there is a wonderful reception, it can be fantastic. If the pick up is slow, it can be disheartening. So let’s spread some literary love and give some authors a boost.

Here are some ideas…

Discover a new read

Buy a book from an author you’ve never heard of before, one who has a written a story that makes you curious. Or, borrow something a little different from the library.

Write a review

Take the time to post an encouraging review about the book you’ve read. You could do this on websites where the book can be purchased, on Goodreads, in online book groups or anywhere on social media, tagging in the author.

If you have a website, you could even consider doing book reviews there.

Spread the word

Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful. People are way more likely to listen to the thoughts of a friend than any book promotion. Some people will ignore the hype around a book until they’ve spoken to someone who can tell them if ‘it’s as good as people say’.

So why not tell someone you know about a wonderful book you’ve read? Even better, you could gift a friend a copy for a special day. Books make wonderful presents.

Show support

Follow authors on social media. Like, share and comment on their posts. Give them a shout out on one of your accounts. You’ll be showing them support and potentially sending more readers their way.

If you’re an author, don’t forget to think about your readers when you post content. Help people help you by creating things worth sharing. Be imaginative.

Send encouragement

If you know a writer who’s not published anything yet, send them a word of encouragement. Offer to read a draft/extract and give some constructive feedback. Support is so important because writing is a long journey.

A hug, chocolates and a glass or two of sparkly wouldn’t go amiss either!

Is there an author you adore? Why not send them a little love today?

About Loretta Milan

Founder and Commissioning Editor of Lightbox Originals. On a mission to get the world writing and finding wellbeing through words. Loves books, tea, travel and art.


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