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Lightbox Originals aims to inspire writers around the world by sharing authors’ writing experiences and celebrating original voices.

Check out the opportunities to be part of our mission below.

#100Words story competition: CLOSED

Look out for the next competition in the autumn!

Our international, #100Words story competition challenges you to write 100 words inspired by a beautiful photograph for a chance to win £100.

It’s free to take part.

Inspiring stories: CLOSED

Submissions reopen on 15th July 2020

Authors share their inspiring stories and creative experiences in a way that will encourage and uplift other writers.

Contributors are also given a bio and a ‘featured publication’ section within their articles including a photo and website/purchase link.

We don’t make cash payments for these articles because the primary aim is to elevate contributors’ authors profiles. We do, however, provide over £250 of editorial and promotional support.

Writing advice articles: CLOSED

Submissions reopen on 3rd August 2020

We regularly seek articles featuring tips and advice about writing. We prefer each article to focus on a single area such as (but by no means limited to) writing approaches, mindset, voice, techniques and publishing.

The focus of each article must be on inspiring and guiding writers so cannot dwell on your own publications. Every writer will, however, have a short bio at the end of each article to profile themselves and share a link to an author website and/or social media channels.

For writing advice articles, in this style, we pay £50 GBP (inclusive of any taxes and bank/exchange fees) upon delivery and acceptance of the final version of the agreed article. We can send payments internationally. 

How to make a submission

When any of the opportunities above are open, please click the ‘Find out more’ button to see the details and make a submission. Opportunities are open to writers worldwide.

You can apply if you are:

  • An author (published traditionally or independently) or a professional writer.
  • Passionate about inspiring other writers.
  • Open to editorial guidance.

There is no charge to apply, be considered or published.

Frequently asked questions

What topics can I pitch?

We’re open to suggestions for any topics that may inspire other writers. Our articles tend to be positive and uplifting. This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your challenges. Far from it. But we’d love to hear about how you conquered over difficulties to achieve what you have.

What will I be asked for when I pitch?

As part of your pitch, you’ll be asked for a few sentences about your idea for an article (the pitch), a proposed headline, author bio, details of your most recently published book/anthology (if applicable) and contact details.

You won’t need to supply the proposed article at this stage and won’t need to provide any attachments.

Are there any restrictions on writers’ genres?

We consider authors writing in all genres although we tend to steer away from talking about books that are driven primarily by religious or political persuasion or that are overtly erotic. This is because our aim is to make Lightbox Originals a haven.

How many submissions can I make?

You can send us as many pitches as you like during the submissions window and we will consider them all. We usually only choose one piece, however, from each writer selected during each round. If you have an idea for a series of articles, though, we’d be open to hearing about this as it may be something we consider for the future.

How will I know if my submission has been received?

You will receive onscreen confirmation that your submission has been sent successfully after you have completed all the sections.

I’ve made a mistake. Can I withdraw my submission?

If you’ve made a mistake and want to withdraw your submission, please contact us here. If you would like to make another submission, you can do this at any time during an open window.

Does it cost anything to apply or be featured?

It costs nothing to apply or, if you are selected, to be featured.

Are all submissions reviewed?

Yes. We consider every submission received.

How do you select who is featured?

We aim to select a balance of article types and pick the ones we think will most benefit readers. A strong pitch will get across why the article you’re proposing is unique, how it will help others and will tell us a little bit about why you’re the best person to tell the story.

When will I hear if I’ve been selected?

We provide details of selection dates on the appropriate submissions information pages. Please make a note of this when you apply.

What if I haven’t heard?

If you haven’t heard for us by the deadline we’ve communicated, please contact us here.

What happens next if I’m selected?

We’ll send a contributor agreement to sign, a copy of our style guide and will let you know the deadline. Please make sure this is as polished as possible before you send it to us.

We will then provide editorial support (if necessary) to get your article ready for publication. You will have the opportunity to approve the final version before it is published.

On rare occasions, upon receiving a contributor’s full article, we find it’s not suitable for Lightbox Originals. If this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible so that you are then free to place it elsewhere. If we can, we’ll try to make some recommendations for you.

How will I be paid?

If you have been selected to write an article as part of a paid opportunity, you will receive £50 paid in GBP (inclusive of taxes and bank/exchange fees) upon acceptance of your article. We can make payments internationally by PayPal or bank transfer.

What if I haven’t been selected?

Please don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been accepted. It’s not a reflection of the standard of your writing. It is always difficult for us to decide who to choose because we aim to get a balance between topics, authors’ backgrounds and genres. We would encourage you to pitch other topics again during a future submission window.

Will I be able to post the article elsewhere?

If we publish your accepted article on Lightbox Originals, we retain the rights to the content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website.

You will, however, be able to post a short piece introducing the article you have written on your blog/website with a link to Lightbox Originals so your readers can access it there. It is very important that wording is not duplicated as this can affect the search engine ranking for your article, reducing the number of people who may see your work.

How do you publicise articles?

We promote all articles to over 130,000 followers across the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) of both Lightbox Originals and our founder, Loretta Milan, as well as in our newsletter.

We would encourage you to share your article on your channels too.

Between us, we can help keep inspiring writers around the world!

If you have any further questions, please email contact us here.


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