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Begin a wonderful, summer writing experience

#100Words, 100 day challenge

Our summer writing experience begins today. Over 100 days, we’ll be filling your world with rays of inspiration and helping your words shine.

The purpose of the experience is not to generate headline-making word counts but rather establish a way to live a writer’s life, one that works for you and fits in with your lifestyle. We’ll help you write regularly, stimulate creativity and realise your dreams for your words.

Just like crash dieting generally doesn’t work long-term, we believe that crash writing isn’t sustainable either. That’s why we’re setting you a simple, achievable goal…

Write just 100 words per day for 100 days.

If each day’s challenge stimulates you to write more, that’s great, but it’s just as fine to stick with the goal. It’s important not to put pressure on yourself. The best way to get writing, avoiding blocks and procrastination, is to make it feel easy and achievable.

Your writing guide and calendar

We’re giving all our readers a writing guide and calendar as a gift. The guide explains the simple magic behind the 100-words way and is packed with ideas for how to incorporate it into your life. You’ll find no rules for writing. That’s because there is no right or wrong way to write, only what works best for you. But the guide has lots of great things to try.

The one-page calendar is a fun way to track your progress. You could put it up in your favourite area to write, or place it in view when you do, as a reminder of your commitment to yourself. It’s important to celebrate your progress – however big or small – so you could also colour a number of circles to represent days that you’ll treat yourself for writing. Treats don’t have to be expensive – maybe you fancy a new book, cake or a bubble bath.

If you’re already a subscriber, we’ll have send you a link to download your guide and calendar. If you haven’t received it, please let us know here and we’ll send it to you.

If you’re not subscribed, it’s free to join us here. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, we’ll send you a message with with a download link for the guide and calendar.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive an inspirational message from us every Monday to help get each week started with a creative boost but we won’t be sending you emails on top of that. This is because we don’t want you to feel pressured to keep up with flurries of messages or for your experience to be confined to your inbox.

A warmer experience

Instead of being inbox-driven, our approach is community focused. This is because we believe that the support of other writers is wonderful. So, the best place to be part of the experience is in our free writing group. In this friendly and supportive environment, you’ll find writers with all levels of experience, working with diverse genres, forms and styles.

Please drop in to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself to the group.

You can visit the writing group whenever it suits you. This can be as little or as often as you like. There’s certainly no pressure to join in with everything. You can get involved in whichever discussions interest you the most or are happening on the days you visit.

We’ll also be sharing regular writing tips, prompts and ideas for things to try on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Inspiration every day

Today, we’ll begin with introductions and we’ll invite you to share your writing dreams or goals with the group. Tomorrow will be our Writing Studio (see below) and then the schedule will run from there.

Some of the regular things you can look forward to are…

In addition to this, we’ll continue to run the initiatives that are already popular in the writing group including:

Conversations and surprises

Each day, we’ll also invite you to talk about how you’re finding the #100Words experience, what’s going well, what you’ve learned and any challenges. We’d love to see photos of you writing, your favourite writing spots and your lovely calendar filling up!

You’re also welcome to start a conversation around a particular area of writing or a creative challenge you have. It’s great to explore solutions as a group.

There will also be surprises along the way including prize draws and competitions so do look out for those.

We do hope you enjoy the experience and your words flow!

P.S. If you’ve found out about this experience after 1st July, please still come and join us. We’d love to support you with your writing. The calendar we provide is not date specific so you can begin your 100-day challenge anytime while benefitting from all the things in the group. There will also be a winter writing experience beginning in January 2021.

P.P.S. Got a great idea for something you’d like included in the experience? We’d be open to hearing it and will see what we can do. Please contact us here for a chat.

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