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I’m really proud of my partner’s daughter, Ellamae, who has recently being using her talents to brighten the lives of people locked down in care homes at the moment. She’s a trained musical theatre artist who was soon to embark on the career step of a lifetime, singing the songs of Sir Tim Rice, when everything came to a halt.

So, she decided to use her talents to bring a little joy to people currently in isolation in care. She chose popular songs that would be reassuringly familiar to those joining in. Watching residents sing along to ‘We’ll meet again’ by Vera Lynn here is sure to warm your day.

What’s incredible is how the lyrics, some of the most famous from WWII, resonate so strongly today as people long to see friends and loved ones.

We’ll meet again

Don’t know where

Don’t know when

But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Words have a tremendous power to span decades, generations and lifetimes. Stories can have timeless themes that people return to again and again.

When you write, not only do you have the opportunity to touch the lives of people right now, but you could be inspiring and entertaining generations to come.

We’d love to hear about something you’re writing to lift your own spirits or brighten others’ in our free writing community. It would also be great to hear about the stories and words that you return to for comfort and warmth in times like this.

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Founder and Commissioning Editor of Lightbox Originals. On a mission to get the world writing and finding wellbeing through words. Loves books, tea, travel and art.


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