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Writing Studio: Use narrative distance to create compelling stories

If you were to step onto a filmset today just as the director called ‘action!’, you’d see the camera focused on the scene in hand. It won’t, however, stay still. It will move with the action, zooming in and out, changing angles, shifting positions.

Narrative distance refers to how close your readers are to your character(s). There’s no single, optimum position, rather a spectrum. You must decide how close the narrative should be to the action for the greatest impact.

Do your readers need to be far away so they can take in the full picture; so close they can hear the faintest whisper or somewhere in between?

Making the right choices can have a powerful impact on your prose.

Author, Shelley Wilson, will be in our free, Writing Studio from 11am to 4pm (GMT) on Thursday 3rd December, showing you the breadth of the narrative distance spectrum and how to use it to write compelling stories.

Drop in for as long (or as little) as you like.

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